My name is Dan Donahue,

I was a general contractor for the better part of 3 decades.


I am an "evangelical" reformed smoker. I didn't quit smoking to open a vape shop. I opened a vape shop to spread the "good news"!


I have always dreamed of an opportunity like this. To do something I am passionate about, and have the opportunity to help people while doing it is a dream come true.


I started the website in April 2013, and opened the Brick and mortar location in Sept 2013.


As far as smoking---I had my first experience with an e-cigarette: on October 16th 2012 after smoking 2 packs of Marlboro reds a day for over 30 years, I tried an eGo-T I had in a drawer from the year before.

I sat back in my chair and asked myself “why didn’t I know about this?!”


I haven't had a single cigarette since that day, nor do I want one. I have got my health back, made great friends, and have an opportunity like no other: To go every day and be of service to people primarily, and make a living doing it.


I hope to meet you someday and have a vape.


Here are a couple of friends saying nice things: